22 Nov 2020

CNS Adapts Its Business Model To Help Their Customers Cope With COVID-19


CNS Adapts Its Business Model To Help Their Customers Cope With COVID-19

COVID-19 is going to impact IT spending globally and some industries will recover quicker than others. It will have an unprecedented impact globally and regionally on almost every industry.

“Several studies have already shown that IT spending will decline by approximately 8% in comparison to last year due to the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy,” Hatem Hariri, CNS Managing Director.

As client demand patterns shift, companies must be able to adapt. By providing a comprehensive offering with an all-new OPEX model and highly efficient managed services, CNS is turning this massive challenge into meaningful change by supporting its clients to do more with less.

Cloud transformation, such as cloud-based telephony, messaging and cloud-based conferencing, is one of the key highlights during and post-pandemic.

“We’re enabling several clients with remote working and distance learning solutions by providing them with high security levels to empower them and maintain a high level of business continuity. We are reshaping the IT landscape in the region thanks to our post-COVID-19 adapted business model,” said Hariri.

CNS supported their clients in their business continuity through different solutions such as automation (business and communication), remote working type capabilities like collaboration, and secured communication.

“Our focus on cloud has also supported our clients’ business continuity. By responding quickly for frontline customers like MOHAP they provided the connectivity and security requirement for more than 28 quarantine locations in addition to providing managed services and benefited from instant access to computing infrastructure,” said Asef Sleiman, Head of Innovation and Tech at CNS.

Ayman Basha, Head of Digital Banking at CNS, explained, “Banking faced a considerable disruption from many of the FinTech companies as they were filling gaps within the banking services to meet consumer needs anywhere anytime. The need to have digital services avoiding physical interaction is no longer a choice.”

CNS-BFSI is an essential cornerstone for banks to implement digital transformation strategies in a logical way. By transforming their technology infrastructure and e-channels, their digital services are truly fulfilling customer needs, maintaining operations, and reducing costs.

Saeed Khan, head of managed services and ITO, “CNS offers a shared delivery model through our NOC centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for managed services to enable a client’s service and business continuity while reducing cost through our OPEX model”.

CNS’s service improvement programs attribute improvement in many service delivery parameters including IT Service Management, incident detection, knowledge management, role definition, reduced bottlenecks, and dynamic work monitoring.

“Over the last three years, our experience with CNS has been fantastic. We’re very satisfied, especially with their technical team, which is very proactive and always support us with high priority. I also appreciate the Desktop and Network and Sales.”

Ghassan Saleh, Project Management expert at Federal Tax Authority.