09 Mar 2021



Leading the way in modern office and business marketing activities, GCG Enterprise Solutions maintains the most cutting-edge portfolio of technology designed to enhance the way we interact with digital media and communications.

So it’s no surprise that the market is really taking note of their value with a number of key projects currently underway, and a few already completed.

Samsung Video Wall

The sales team has already brought the money to the table when they recently closed their first order from Bee’ah – a leading environmental management company in Sharjah.
The government entity ordered a SAMSUNG VIDEO WALL USING LED TECHNOLOGY for their command center. The giant screens will allow their operators a complete overview of their entire operation on one massive display.

Samsung Video Walls offer seamless displays using multiple screens to create a wall of visual splendor as large as you can imagine, meaning your project has access to the limitless capabilities of today’s amazing technology.

In another win for the team, 2XL Furniture & Home Décor purchased fourteen 55” QBR Series professional displays for their prestigious showrooms for marketing and messaging content.
The audio quality and crisp, crystal clear video capabilities of the full Samsung range is nothing short of staggering – you have to see it to believe it. It complements the GCG Enterprise Solutions’ portfolio of audiovisual displays for all business and presentation purposes.

The company also specialiZes in audio-visual technology to enhance the schoolroom setting with large format, highly interactive displays gears for presentations, web browsing and online interactions in real-time. For more information, check out their amazing portfolio at GCG.ae.