11 Mar 2021




For more transparency and employee engagement, we implemented our leadership boards as a tool to assist us in 2021, maximize efficiency and achieve goals throughout the organization - at all levels. Keeping everyone in the loop, sharing the good and the bad, and welcoming honest feedback will be fundamental to our progress.

It’s human nature to expect the worst when information is withheld or not shared. If it were good news, we’d want to tell it right away, right? Even if the truth isn’t necessarily positive, it’s often going to be less harmful than what gets conjured up in our imagination. Decreased morale frequently means lowered productivity. Additionally, anyone who senses information is being withheld naturally begins to speculate and gossip, using up work hours that could be better spent on productive tasks.

People crave information. If the organization isn’t providing it, that gap is almost always filled by rumor and speculation, resulting in the company’s loss of control over the message. In most cases, this will be hard to regain. That’s the downside of not being transparent. On the flip side, there are many benefits to consistent transparency; it builds trust and leads the way to organizational alignment and thus focus.


The leadership boards provide ways to be as transparent with our respective teams as possible and avoid the pitfalls of withholding information and building organizational trust. The boards are designed to recognize team members of GCG Engineering Services, Emirates E&I, GCG Mechanical Equipment, GCG Trading and GCG Iraq, share company news, and provide lessons learned on Health, Safety and Environmental Alerts. We share monthly metrics on our financial performance, sales progress, employee engagement, customer feedback and our QHSE status.

The information board has an employee idea box where any team member can drop their ideas, suggestions and observations. Information can be shared anonymously if so desired. Team member recognition and company recognitions by our clients are also shared as well as leadership engagement. The latter is a tool where the leadership team is measured on their engagement commitment. Simple red, orange, and green indicators display if management is on track with specific KPIs.

It demonstrates our commitment and participation to lead by example. Why? It allows everyone to openly share their perspectives and opinions, creating a platform to strategically match the right people with assignments relative to specific performance indicators. It enables the organization to grow together and uncover creative ways to find the best combination of skills and aptitude and deliver performance expectations. It also allows for cross-functional responsibilities and opportunities where all stakeholders align towards a common objective.

Updating the boards will be done monthly and spread among the different functions to balance the workload and make it easy to maintain accuracy. Once the dashboards are confirmed, it’s a simple task to maintain. If other companies are interested in doing the same, the leadership boards’ design rests with marketing.

So far, the response and feedback received have been very positive.